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Through planned giving and legacy donations, Monica Place is able to support young parents and their children for generations to come.

When you create or contribute to an endowment fund your donation becomes a permanent part of Monica Place’s future.

Planned gifts to endowment funds  help to build a strong secure future for Monica Place. When you make an endowment gift we recognize you as a member of a group of donors who recognize the importance of Monica Place and have a desire to ensure its legacy for generations. Our endowment fund expert advisers can assist donors interested in making endowment gifts like:

  • Direct cash gifts
  • Life insurance
  • Gift in will
  • Memorial gifts
  • others that they can help you explore.

“For every dollar spent on early childhood education, the economic return to society down the line ranges between $1.50 and $3. The benefit ratio for disadvantaged children [is] in the double digits.” – TD Economics, Early Childhood Education has Widespread and Long Lasting Benefits,  November 27, 2012.

Monica Place invests heavily (scholarships, staffing resources, childcare) to support our young families in completing high school and moving towards post-secondary. A secure and well-paying job will provide the stability that our young families and their children need. 

Higher education is associated with higher earnings:

In those who complete their education with a high school diploma earn on average $4,300 more than those without a high school diploma.

Achieving education beyond high school offered an even greater earnings benefit. On average:

  • A trades or college graduate earned $7,200 more than a high school graduate
  • A university graduate had earnings nearly double that of a high school graduate ($23,000 more).

What Difference Does Learning Make to Financial Security? Employment and Social Development Canada (Employment and Social Development Canada January, 2008)

Raising a family isn’t a straightforward process for any parent. Even the most prepared, secure, and supported of families face difficult situations along the journey of parenthood, but for young parents who are living day-to-day without these supports; these situations have a severe impact and can be that much more challenging to overcome.

The support you offer can soften the effect of life challenges, and give young parents the skills and knowledge they need to better navigate their way through each step of parenthood.