If you or someone you know are between the ages of 12-24, pregnant or a new mom and can answer yes to one of the following statements, we can help!

Are you …

√  in need of some help and guidance ?

√  looking for safe, supportive housing ?

√  wanting to attend high school while pregnant or parenting ?

√  looking for parenting and life skills classes ?

Monica Place is a non-profit organization that empowers young women who are pregnant, parenting or choosing adoption to make informed and healthy choices for themselves and their children.

Programs and Services

Staff members are trained to be trauma-informed and use this approach in conjunction with collaborative problem-solving.  Based on this philosophy, Monica Place takes the stance that those we support do well if they can.  Monica Place adopts a strengths-based approach using various screening and assessment measures in order to identify each individual’s personal strengths and areas for growth.  Each person we support at Monica Place has an Individualized Plan that focuses on specific goals as identified by the youth to meet their needs and to promote skill development as well as personal autonomy.